John Hancock Annuities: Shopping by Carrier

John Hancock deals in a wide variety of fixed and variable annuities products, life insurance, 401(k)s, mutual funds, pension management services, and college saving plans. The majority of John Hancock's business involves structured settlements and fixed immediate annuities.

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John Hancock Company Summary

John Hancock is one of the oldest insurance firms in the U.S., founded in 1862. Now part of Manulife Financial of Canada, John Hancock and it's parent company are the fifth largest life insurer in the world. John Hancock is a top-rated insurer:

  • A.M. Best rating: A++
  • S&P rating: AAA
  • Moody's rating: Aa2
  • Fitch rating: AA+

John Hancock Fixed Annuities

The JH Spectrum Fixed Annuity was created as the basis for any retirement portfolio and features a choice of guarantee periods, protection for your principal investment from volatility in the marketplace, referral services for families facing serious care needs, immediate payment enhancement for each dollar added to the contract, tax deferral, and death benefit protection.

The GPA Plus Fixed Annuity provides guaranteed principal, minimum interest rate, and reliable lifetime income. You can get into this plan for an investment of just $2,000. The plan features a lock-in for rates of one, three, or six years. Principal is protected from market volatility, and the inclusion of CARESolutions means you have access to helpful care referral services and programs. Bonus interest rates are also credited at one, two, or three percent during the first year of each premium.

John Hancock Managed annuity is an immediate, fixed annuity that provides the payment choices and reliability to help individuals meet their retirement goals.

John Hancock Variable Annuities

The Venture plan was created to meet the needs of individuals who have stable income and retirement objectives. It takes a long-term approach to retirement planning. Its features include declining annual management fees, diversity in portfolio options, guaranteed lifetime payments, protection for beneficiaries through a standard death benefit, and tax deferral.

The Venture III product is appropriate for those who want a little more flexibility in the retirement income plans, while Venture Vantage is designed for people who are ready to get a jump on planning for retirement. Venture III provides for short-term access to retirement savings, in addition to a flexible strategy with diverse portfolio options, guaranteed payments for life, tax deferral benefits, and family protection via death benefits. Venture Vantage provides for an immediate payment enhancement on money that has been allocated in the annuity: payments under $500,000 get a five-percent enhancement on each dollar, while those at or above $500,000 get a six-percent enhancement.

Venture Vision is the program for individuals who have centered their retirement planning on retaining easy access to their funds. It provides total liquidity for funds in the annuity, meaning that owners will not pay surrender charges if they access their money through early withdrawals.

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