Annuity Links

General Links

Wikipedia: Annuity Financial Products — An overview of fixed, variable, immediate, deferred, and lifetime annuities, as well as taxation and regulation matters.

Securities & Exchange Commission — An overview page filled with objective annuity descriptions and advice from the SEC. The SEC has further explanations of variable and equity index annuity types:

NOLHGA — The National Organization of Life & Health Guarantee Associations provides consumer protection from insurance company insolvency. Check your state's guarantee limits.

The Commity of Annuity Insurers — An organization of over 30 top insurance and annuity providers formed to address public policy concerning annuity investment.

Investopedia: Annuity Overview — A broad overview of annuities that links to a wealth of specific annuity investment topics. Investopedia is one of the best finance-related articles libraries.

Insurance Information Institute (III) — Find information and links on annuity statistics, how to pick the right agent, and difference between annuity types. The III is a leading insurance consumer advocacy group.

Motley Fool: Annuity Taxation — Delve into the nuances of deferring income taxes with annuities. Motley Fool is a top-class personal finance and investment community.

Investor Words: Annuity Definition — An annuity definition from Investor Words, one of the largest investment glossaries on the web. A great technical reference.

American Counsel on Gift Annuities (ACGA) — Information about charity gift annuities. The ACGA is a non-profit organization that sets gift annuity rate suggestions for charities.

Money Instructor: Annuities — A primer explaining the basics of annuity investment. Browse articles about personal finance, how to save for retirement, managing credit card debt, and paying taxes.

Lectric Law Library: Annuities — A deferred annuity guide explaining the nuances of deferred annuity investment. Not sure if deferred annuities are right for you? Read more.

Federal Retirement Annuity Information — Discover special offers available to federal employees when investing in annuities. This site is geared specifically toward Federal employee retirement planning.

About: Annuity Information — An article explaining the ins and outs of annuity contracts, how to avoid falling into common investment pitfalls, and how to shop for the best plans.

eHow: Annuities — Follow this 5-step outline prior to investing in an annuity. eHow hosts many financial articles, from how to buy annuities to how to invest in stocks.

About: Retirement Planning — Start planning your retirement with About's retirement planning guide. Browse expert advice on IRA and 401k set up, taxes, social security, and portfolio allocation strategies.

Free Advice: Insurance Company Reviews — Comprehensive list of over 200 insurance company reviews. Research company contact information, history, and financial rankings.

Retirement Calculator Links

Social Security Quick Calculator — This calculator can be used to estimate social security payouts. Use these calculations to determine your supplemental income needs for retirement.

Social Security Detailed Calculator — A detail downloadable calculator provided by the SSA. Compute an accurate estimate of future social security benefits to start planning your retirement.

Insurance Rating Company Links

A.M. Best Ratings — Homepage of the A.M. Best financial ratings firm.

Moody's Ratings — Homepage of the Moody's financial ratings firm.

Standard & Poor's (S&P) — Homepage of the S&P financial ratings firm.

Fitch Ratings — Homepage of the Fitch financial ratings firm.