Discount Home Insurance and How to Find It

Home insurance is a very important – and expensive – necessity of home ownership. There are ways you can save money and enjoy discount home insurance while still getting the coverage you need.

Look for ways to extend your coverage and enjoy having the lowest rates on your insurance when you consider some of these tactics. There are a number of methods for obtaining discount home insurance for your home.

Your home is your biggest asset, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and a leg for home insurance. Instead, there are ways you can lower your rates and enjoy quality discount home insurance.

If you qualify for certain programs or memberships, install certain devices like security systems or live in a gated community, you can save money on your home insurance. Here are five ways you can find discount home insurance for your house:

  1. Join select organizations. Some companies, alumni groups and organizations can help you secure a lower rate just by being a member. Check with your clubs to see which ones will give you this advantage and although the discount might not be huge, every little bit will help.
  2. Many insurance companies will give you a discount for having or installing safety features. Install dead bolt looks or look into a security system that will protect your home and its interior values. Smoke alarms are often installed in newer homes as a requirement, but these systems will help to reduce your home insurance quote.
  3. Shop around. Discount home insurance is often a result of hours of research and plenty of phone calls. Do the leg work and you could find a company that will provide substantial coverage at a lower cost. Find a low cost from a new company and take this quote to your current provider. Many companies will match the new, low price in order to keep your business while maintaining your same coverage policy.
  4. Speaking of your current insurance company, some insurance companies will not only match a quote from another company – they will give you a loyalty bonus. If you have been using their services for a few years, many companies will offer a bonus to stay with them. Typically, the longer you are with the same company, they more of a discount you will be offered.
  5. Upgrade your home. The more disaster-resistant your home can be, the better your chances of receiving discount home insurance. For instance, if you have an older roof and replace it with a new one, your home insurance rate will reflect the improvement. These upgrades are great choices for your current living situation and as a savvy way to enjoy discount home insurance for your house.