Index Annuity Performance

Expected Performance Index annuity performance varies with the market because your investment is linked to the S&P 500, or a similar stock market index. In this respect, index annuities are similar to variable annuities. And although an index annuity balance is impossible to predict, because it tracks a historically documented index like the S&P 500, … Read more

Index Annuity Features

An Overview These features are common to all index annuities: Index-Linked Yield All indexed annuities track the performance of a stock market bellwether. The S&P 500 is a common index that represents the U.S. stock market at large. 500 companies from across different sectors and industries are meant to provide a random sample of the … Read more

Equity Indexed Annuity Guide

An Overview An equity indexed annuity is an insurance contract linked to a common market index, such as the S&P 500. If the index grows you’re entitled to a majority of the earnings. If the index declines, you’re account is protected against losses with a modest baseline rate. Index annuities are a hybrid between fixed … Read more