FreeAnnuityRates.com is your guide to the world of annuity investing. Our goal is to help you better understand annuity products and streamline the insurance shopping experience. We strive to provide expert advise and resources so you can shop smarter, faster, and more conveniently — saving lots of money.

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Consumer-Friendly Business Model

Our service is free, with no spam or strings attached. Can this be true? Yes! Licensed insurance advisors compete for your business and pay us for referrals. This model commits us to quality because the better we can inform our visitors, the more visitors we attract, and the more we earn. Our goal is to help you learn about annuities and match you with the best policy available. Neither we nor the advisors we refer you to are affiliated with any particular carrier, so you get a fair sample of products on the market.

How We Save You Money

Consumers generally overpay for insurance. Comparing offers is the only way to get the best deal, but most folks don't have time to request rates from 5 different companies. As a result, they get a sub-par comparison, or none at all. We save you money by putting you in touch with an annuity advisor in your area who can provide a solid comparison of today's top annuity products. Our site also provides free annuity investment information, so you know which products to avoid and how to spot the best deals.

Why Give Us a Chance

We can't guarantee that we'll save every visitor thousands of dollars, but if you're serious about purchasing an annuity, there's a decent chance we can. Worst case scenario, you lose 5 minutes of your time.

A Better Way To Shop

Okay, so how does all this actually work? In practice, instead of contacting individual carriers, like Metlife or ING, you request a quote report through our network of financial advisors. With just one phone call you can survey the best annuity products on the market on any given day — and that's important because rates change daily.

Our connections with licensed financial advisors across the country means you'll receive the best quote comparisons on the net. Don't be fooled by the promise of instant online quotes — nobody provides them and they wouldn't be that helpful anyway. The real value comes from actually speaking to a trained professional who can help you match the best product to your particular financial situation.

Discrete and Secure

Unlike other sites, we don't share your information with anyone other than the advisor(s) you request to contact. And we don't SPAM or pester you with newsletters. As soon as you click the submit button, your data is sent through an encrypted channel, processed real-time, and matched up with an appropriate advisor in your area. Because our advisors are eager for your business, you receive a free comparison report (typically) within hours.

Once you try our comparisons you'll see why shopping for annuities online beats blind-calling insurance companies or dealing with that local agent who charges an arm and a leg. Our visitors are consistently surprised at how effortlessly they found high-yield annuities or affordable life insurance. Many of them have their own agents, but got a better deal through ours. Because annuities are large purchases, every week we process cases where clients saved thousands of dollars.

How It Works

  1. Determine Which Annuity is Right for You.
  2. Research your annuity type:
  3. When you're ready to compare rates, click the Start Now button.
  4. Complete the one page form.
  5. Receive a call from a licensed annuity specialist within the day.

Products You Can Trust

When you're handing over hard-earned retirement savings to an insurance company, trust is of utmost important. That's why we partner with advisors who offer products from reputable and financially strong carriers such as:

  • Pacific Life
  • State Farm
  • Metlife
  • ING
  • John Hancock
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Axa Equitable
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Nationwide
  • Prudential