Variable Annuity Performance

What to Expect Variable annuity performance is difficult to estimate because yields depend on market performance and an individual investor’s portfolio choices. The best metrics to use in this case are historic asset class performance figures. A portfolio consisting primarily of equities (stocks) can return 10-14% annually when averaged over 10-20 years. Due to market … Read more

Variable Annuity Features

An Overview The following features are common to all variable annuities: Variable Returns A variable annuity works differently than the “classic” fixed annuity. The difference is like that between a 401(k) and CD. There is no guaranteed rate for a variable annuity. Rather, you invest in a professionally managed equity portfolio that’s composed of seperate … Read more

Variable Annuity Guide

An Overview A variable annuity resembles a 401(k) — you decide the make-up of your portfolio. The premium can be split into separate sub-accounts and invested into market segments of varying risk. Typical sub-account investment options include money market (ultra-conservative), bonds, mutual funds, and international equities (aggressive). Variable rate annuities can be bought into with … Read more